Distribution list problem

Distribution list problem

Post by Barr » Wed, 31 Jul 2002 00:47:08

When I remove a user from a distribution list (Exchange 2K
small business) the name dissapears but the user still
receives mail when one is poseted to that group.  How
come ??

I have made sure he has no alias in the group or that any
of his other accounts forward to said group.  There is no
clear reason why he should still receive mail (are there
hidden ones I need to check)?

Anyone any ideas ?

Barry Weaver


1. Distribution list problems

Exchange 5.5 sp4 on NT4 sp6 box.
When sending a meeting request to a particular user, the meeting request is
then duplicated to all other users within a particular distribution list.
This only appears to happen if the request is sent to one specific username
on that list.

Here is the sinario
Sally belongs to Workers distribution list.  Only if a meeting request is
sent to Sally, then Sally receive the request, the request also will be sent
to all other users with in the Workers list, including Sally.  Thus Sally
receive the request twice.  If an email is sent to Sally, or sent to anyone
else that
belongs to the Workers distribution list, all mail is sent as expected i.e.
sent to Sally only, not to everyone else.

I have attempted to remove the Workers distribution list and then send a
metting request to Sally again.  This produced the following error.
"Your message did not reach some or al of the intended precipeintss
    Subject:    Test
    Sent:        12-Aug-01 4:03 PM

The following recipeint(s) could not be reached:
    Workers on 12-Aug-01 4:03 PM
        The recipeint name is not recognized
            The MTS-ID of the oriinal message is: d=US;,a=

Once I recreated the Workers distribution list, the same situation started
to reoccure i.e. meeting requests start to spanne accros the distribution
list, once sent to Sally, only.
I don't want to have to delete Sally's mailbox, in order to start over if I
don't have to.

This sitiation has just been brought to my attention, thus I can't say what
recent changes have been made to the server
to cause this result.

Any insight from all of you would be greatly appreciated.

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