Exchange Performance Monitor

Exchange Performance Monitor

Post by Bill Ma » Fri, 09 May 2003 06:59:59

My Exchange server sporadically gets very sluggish for no
apparent reason.  I would like to set up Performance
Monitor to keep a eye on the server and keep a log as
well.  Do you have any suggestions as to what I should
monitor?  We also use the public folders heavily in our
environment and it replicates to our other site at the
west coast.

Thanks for your help,



1. Exchange Performance Monitoring

I have a customer that has an on-site Exchange 5.5 server.
For the last couple of months, the customer has seen some
rather serious, although inconsistent, delays (3-5
minutes) in retrieving e-mails that are already in her
inbox. She suspects that some one may be using her e-mail
server for subversive activities - as this has happened
before. It is behind a MS Proxy firewall, and I'm not
entirely convinced that hackers are to blame. My inquiry
is to find some very specific counters to employ in
perfmon that might give me an idea as to why there are
such delays in deliveries... specifically in the amount of
mail going through the server (specifically at night...
I'm hoping this won't be too difficult as she only has
about 50 total users using the system), as well as any
meaningful representations of delays in simply pulling a
message off of the server that is already on it. I would
very much appreciate any straight-forward input that
anyone would have to offer.

Thank You

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