Restricting Email send/receive during certain hours

Restricting Email send/receive during certain hours

Post by Joe » Wed, 21 May 2003 23:02:04


Is it possible to restrict user/OU groups from being able
to send/receive to certain email address or all external
addresses based on certain hours of the day?  My company
has been told that during the hours of 9:30pm to 4:00pm
our specialists are not allowed to communicate via email
with the companies we hold stocks for.  

Please help.



1. Restrict mails during working hours

I am using Exchange 5.5 to allow access to Internet Mail via Outlook.
I am
able to restrict users from receiving messages from internet just
removing the smtp address of them. The problem is that if we remove
the smtp address, those users are not able to receive any external
mail and we only want to restrict receiving mails during working
hours, do you know how can we do this in Exchange ? Do you think we
have to do it in our router configuration ? Any help would be greatly



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