Adding Exchange Server in another country

Adding Exchange Server in another country

Post by Mark » Thu, 20 Dec 2001 01:51:04


Our environment currently has 3 Exchange 5.5 Servers in
the U.S. running English versions of Exchange. We are in
the early planning process of installing another Exchange
server in Mexico. The question I have is can we install a
Spanish (Mexican) version of Exchange there that can
interoperate with our English servers that will allow the
Mexican admins to work with their server locally? And how
will this affect how we administer the server from our
English versions of Exchange Admin? And are there any
issues exchanging mail flow between the different versions?



1. Exc55: X.400 Connector, effects of country code: country/region (c)

What are exactly the effects of the X.400 country code in a large
Exchange 5.5 organisation with many sites world wide?

I've seen that a lot sites in many countrys are setup with THE SAME
country code. But not all. ASFAIK all messages are transmitted.
Does the country code have some influence on routing decisions?

Thanks a informations about this.

Klaus W.

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