Change Server and Domain Name

Change Server and Domain Name

Post by Ng Chong Si » Fri, 06 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Hey  this is Martin  , please e-mail to me if you have the answer.
I  have a Exchange 4.0 sitting on a NT 4.0
By the way I am  trying to  change the NT Domain Name and Server Name.


1. How do I change the email domain being used or multiple servers, same domain name

That subject doesn't even begin to represent my problem, but I hope it's
my solution.

We used to run a local exchange server, after many thousands of dollars
in IT fees, many corrupt mail boxes, the execs decided $1 a month
problem free email hosting from an ISP was the way to go.  Only, I wrote
a CD that used the original server to send email from.  There are
thousands replicated and already out.  It can't be changed.

The company mail server is ""
The cd sends mail through ""

"" exists at an ISP and is the real mail server.
"" points inhouse to our Exchange Server which is
still configured to the original "" settings but has been
disabled in services since the switch.  Needless to say, the CD's been
erroring out, unable to send.

When I enable Exchange Server on "" it tries to
be "" again and intercepts all mail.  I need to keep
it running so I can send mail though it, but stop it from processing
"" mail so it continues on and finds the real

I made many attempts at this, but nothing seemed to work.  I couldn't
find the tab that outright said this mail domain is "" so I
make it think it was another domain, just 1000's of instances of it.
Rerouting didn't work, the domains are the same!  Rerouting to the ip of
"" at the ISP bounces back.

I believe on the first tab in configuration in the upper left, you have
4 radio's to choose from.  But I figure if I set it to send mail only,
it would bounce back all incoming mail to the sender telling them
this domain doesn't receive mail, which is the  last thing I want.

Unfortuarently a ton of mail has already been lost in my 2 hours of
playing, so I can't play around anymore.  Doesn't anyone have the simple

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