Cleaning Mailboxes

Cleaning Mailboxes

Post by Stef Dod » Wed, 27 Jun 2001 17:57:39


This will probably seems like a very easy question, but could someone please
explain what Cleaning the mailbox actually does.

Thanks in advance



1. Mailbox Maintenance - cleaning mailbox

Hello. I'm looking to clean all my users mailboxes in my
environment. Is the best way to do this is by using
the "clean mailbox" utility? Also when this is run does it
only go after just specifically the inbox or all other
folders in the users mailbox as well. If it is other
folders what can I do just so it hits the Inbox folder.
(Or do I have to tell them to move it to a local foder?)

Lastly, my deleted item retention time is 30 daus. What if
I want to delete these items immediately. Is there a way
of doing this.



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