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1. Boy do I need help with exch2000 upgrade!

Hi, My company had 3 NT4 servers which I upgraded to Windows 2000 server.
Two of these servers are DC's but the third, the one where exchange 2000
resides is not.  This machine formerly had exchange 5.5 running on it
without any problems.  DNS and DHCP are running normally on the first server
I upgraded.

Here are my problems after the upgrade.

1) Email sent to domain1.com get through ok.  email sent to domain2.com and
domain3.com are bouncing with a 550 relay message.  Users can email each
other internally without problems.  Users can send email out to the internet
without problems.

2) We have users in the field who use a modem and outlook setup for exchange
to get there email, check there calendars, etc..  With the 2000 upgrade,
when users attempt to use outlook, they receive the following error
message - "The server containing the Global Address List is no longer
available.  You can reconnect to a different server by restarting Outlook or
retry the operation when the server is reachable."

3) There appears to be messages stuck in 2 of the Q's

I suspect the problem has to do with DNS, Routing, or relaying.

On a side note, the mailserver has an internal address and is translated at
the firewall.  The ports that were allowed open for exchange 5.5 were 25,
110, 135, 1225, 1226.  I added some other ports I ran accross that says
should be open as well, 3268, 389, 379, 390, 691, 53, 1024, 1026, 900.  No

Any help would be appreciated.

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5. Boy do I need help with exch2000 upgrade!

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