Exporting Mailbox Resource (Mailbox Size)

Exporting Mailbox Resource (Mailbox Size)

Post by Sylvan Jona » Thu, 21 Nov 2002 01:31:23

If you go to the <org>/Configuration/Servers/<server>/Private Information
Store/Mailbox Resources container an click on any user.  Then from the file
menu choose "Save Windows Content" and save it as a CSV.  That should do the
trick for you.

Sylvan Jonas

Quote:> Current Config:
> Exchange 5.5 SP4

> I need to monitor the total size of all the mailboxes on
> the Exchange Server.  I can view this information
> via "Mailbox Resources" on the Exchange Server, and via
> the "Folder Size" on the Outlook Client.

> Does anyone know of a method that I can export that
> information to a file (csv)?  I would like to automate
> this process.

> I appreciate the assistance!  Thanks.

> Larry Johnson


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