Distribution Lists and Delivery Restrictions

Distribution Lists and Delivery Restrictions

Post by Michael Abbaticchi » Wed, 27 Nov 2002 13:38:52

Keep in mind two points.

1.  Changes made to dl's on one server DO need to replicate to the rest.

2. Any permission changes may take up 120 minutes to take effect due to
caching of information store by the directory, and the default refresh
interval of 120 minutes.


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Quote:> The changes made to the Delivery Restriction for our
> distribution lists aren't working. I tried adding a new
> person (tried several people) to the Accepts Message from
> list but they are still unable to use it.

> I created a new distribution list for testing and setup
> delivery restriction just fine. However changes made
> subsequent to creating don't work.

> Am I doing something wrong, is this a known problem - I
> hope not.

> Thanks for the help!!


Distribution Lists and Delivery Restrictions

Post by Ben Winzen » Thu, 28 Nov 2002 02:27:20

See this KB article for instructions on how to modify the refresh time.  You
really shouldn't experience any negative outcome even by setting the value
to 1 minute.

Ben Winzenz
Network Engineer
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Quote:> The 120 minutes refresh make sense now. Changes I made
> yesterday on my test DL now work.

> Pretty scary!!!

> Thank you


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