Setting up E2k to send certain domains through other SMTP servers

Setting up E2k to send certain domains through other SMTP servers

Post by Nat » Tue, 01 Jul 2003 01:19:22

Can anyone give me an idea on how to do this?  Is this a routing group
or something?  Or should I set up a connector.  I need to be able to
provide credentials to the remote SMTP server when I attempt to send
the mail too.



1. Only Admin can email certain Domain ALL others get SMTP 5.2.2 NDR

Have Exchange/WIN 2000 Server both Sp3... Previously runing
SBS 2000 and that server was replaced (Problem existed then

instantly returns NDR of 5.2.2 Recipient Mailbox Full...
This is a false NDR.. I have spoken with Nuvox and our ISP
(SBC) and they find no reason for this. DNS and MX records
appear correct and have been going over forums and
troubleshooting tips for 2 weeks now... THEN i discover i
can email them fine from the server logged in as Admin...
So i go to a users desktop system and login as Admin and
DAMM it works... Seems as only Admin can email this domain.
This is a fresh built server with only bare essentials on
it so far basically just Exchange no ISA or Proxy of
anykind single NIC connected directly to internet via DSL
connection... Could that previous SBS server that was
running ISA/EXCH/IIS have left something behind from the
SBS_Login_Bat file it was running on the clients causing
this.? Im new to this Company and first task was to rebuild
it so i dont really know how it was configured or what that
script was running... I do know it was configuring Proxy
for them because i have had to remove it from IE settings
for them to surf the web and the Domain change was done by
unjoin the previous and join the new and then copy their
entire old Documents and Setting folder into the new
Documents and Setting Folder and saying yes to overwrite
all... Anyone know how to resolve this.. SBS Proxy leftover
sound logical..? Maybe some permission it turned off.. I
cant make any sense out of it since all other mail seems to
flow.. OH and before i discovered Admin could send to them
i did try Connectors and smart host relay throug our ISP
and DNS-MX hunting using internal/external DNS... I NOW
DONT THINK that could be the issue ..Obviuosly no joy...
BIG BIG Thanks to Any Gurus that help solve this one...

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