Getting Outlook Web Access to use a Web Site Other than Default

Getting Outlook Web Access to use a Web Site Other than Default

Post by Paul Tayl » Sat, 11 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I had this problem a while ago, and I recall seeing a couple of other posts
from people with the same issue. I never saw anyone with a fix.

Looking for something else, I've just come across this MS KB article:

 Q246203 - XWEB: Configuring OWA Outside the Default Web Site

which may be of interest (it certainly was to me!).

Paul Taylor, Computer Systems Manager
WSP Group plc, London, UK


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Is there any doc out there on how to install OWA as it's own WEB site
instead of an alias off the default web site http://server/exchange

I would like to set this up as it's own site with a different IP address.  I
tried creating a new site in IIS4 and pointing at c:\exchsrvr\webdata or usa
directory  but it doesn't work right.  Any info would be appreciated.


Tim Sommer

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