ISINTEG in Cluster environment ?!

ISINTEG in Cluster environment ?!

Post by TrekMa » Fri, 13 Mar 1998 04:00:00


in a clustered Exchange Server we tried to do an offline
restore (of an offline backup of course).

As usual the IS service wanted us to run
isinteg -patch, but that failed with some jet_errkeyduplicate

ok - we found the article "XADM: Error Running ISINTEG on
a Cluster Server" and implemented the enviroment variable
mentioned there.

Now isinteg completes with its success message.
Nevertheless the IS service still wants isinteg -patch to
be run.




1. winsock client on a cluster environment for exchange server 5.5

Any ideas,

i'm implementing an exchanger server 5.5 on a cluster environment that is
behind proxy server, is this possible since it will be using winsock client
to listen to the Proxy server for incoming mails, if so, can anyone tell me
on how to insatll and configure it.

any help is highly appreciated!



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