Messages deleverd to exchange mailbox but not to outlook

Messages deleverd to exchange mailbox but not to outlook

Post by Dane Beche » Wed, 19 Apr 2000 04:00:00


I am running exchange 5.5 sp3 with a 'connector for pop3 mailboxes' checking
my mail from a remote pop3 server.  I had an issue with the routing.  I got
that issue resolved but messages that were sent to me while the routing was
not working properly was never received by outlook (setup with exchange
server service).  I monitored my mailbox under 'mailbox resources' (while
routing was malfunctioning) and noticed that my total number of messages
were getting larger but no messages went to outlook.  If I sent a message
directly to my server (bypassing the pop3 connector; using IMS) the message
would go through.  Is there any way to retrieve these messages?  I have
tried checking my mail using outlook express and connecting to my mailbox
via pop3.  That didn't work.  Any suggestions to find these messages would
be awesome.




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Any ideas/help much appreciated

David Morris

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