Access linked table to Exchange folder (trying to get contacts onto the web)

Access linked table to Exchange folder (trying to get contacts onto the web)

Post by NBinS » Wed, 23 Aug 2000 14:42:57

Hi All,,
I've created an Access table linked to an Exchange Public folder. The
folder contains contacts and it populates the table perfectly, problem
when i try to pull data from the Access table (using ASP) i get an
error that says "please install a MAPI client on this machine (like
Outlook)". I have outlook installed on that server tho!! And it's an
Exchange DNS!?!
Where am I messing up, or is this just not possible? The server is
running NT 4 Server with Exchange 5.5 SP3 and IIS 4. The  Access DB is
on the same server along with an Acess DNS (no Access installed it
I thought this would work great since the administrative assistants
update the contacts list it would automatically update the web site.
it's not tho....HELP!!


Anyone got any other ways to get either the GAL or a contacts folder
onto the web???


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Hi all,

First issue: I want to implement synchronization between one of the
Public folders (containing Contact elements) in Exchange2000 Server
with Access 2000 table. Everything is fine when I modify linked data
from Public Folder level or from Access level. It is also ok when I
create new contact in Public Folder. But when I append record in MS
Access and fill table fields, I can see new contact item with telefone
number only in contacts folder in Outlook, and when I double-click on
it, the blank "post" form opens with no data inside. Why doesn't it
work? How to make it work?

Second issue: How to link Contacts folder from Outlook/Exchange with
existing MS Access table?


Michal Leder

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