Rules for Custom Recipients no longer work!?

Rules for Custom Recipients no longer work!?

Post by Rich Matheisen [MVP » Sun, 29 Apr 2001 10:22:01

>We've just upgraded our Exch 4.0 server to 5.0, by the move mailbox method
>(yes, it's still stone age).  However we are now noticing that Rules that
>contain Custom Recipients no longer work.

Rules, in general, will cease to work when the mailbox is moved to
another site (if that's what you mean by "the move mailbox method").

Quote:>For instance, Joe Schmoe is a Custom Recipient (Internet Address).  If a
>user had a rule as such, "All Mail from Joe Schmoe is moved to the Mail From
>Joe Folder".  Rules like this used to work with our old Exch 4.0 Server.
>Now that we've moved to 5.0 these rules do not work.  However, they DO work
>if the "sender" was an actual Mailbox on the server and not a Custom
>Recipient.  What is also weird is that the rule DOES work if a the user had
>an entry for that Custom Recipient in their own Contacts folder.

>Any ideas?

If you've changed sites (or organizations), the CR's are still in the
old site because the existed only in the directory.

Rich Matheisen
MCSE+I, Exchange MVP
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