Is it possible to install Exchange on separate mail server when using SBS 4.5

Is it possible to install Exchange on separate mail server when using SBS 4.5

Post by Stacey K. Nelso » Wed, 15 Mar 2000 04:00:00

We have a BackOffice Small Business Server 4.5 and are looking into a
full-time connection to the Internet via a dedicated frame relay connection.
We have an older computer (P166+, 4 GB HD, 64 MB RAM) we would like to use
as a mail server, however, from what I understand, Exchange 5.5 can only be
installed on the SBS. Is there a way around this, (such as storing the mail
on the "mail server" or mapping the hard drive on the "mail server" and
installing Exchange on that drive) or would it be okay to use the SBS? I've
heard it isn't required to have a separate mail server but it isn't a bad
idea to have one. Would I be better off getting mail server software and
setting it up as a mail server? I have the SBS Resource Kit and it has a
program called "Mail Server (v1.1)." Could I use it? Also, 1/2 our computers
are on Win98 with Office97 and the others are NT4 with Office2000. I'm I
going to be running into problems because of the Win98 computers?

If you haven't yet guessed, I am very new to all of this and any help would
be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Stacey K. Nelson

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