Address Book Views and Offline Address Book

Address Book Views and Offline Address Book

Post by Simon Wals » Sat, 29 Jan 2000 04:00:00

We have set up several servers with Address Book views in our organisation
and also genrate an offline address book.

The OAB genrates trouble free but when the clients try to download it, it is
not visible in the list.
We have tried this on a different server without Address Book Views and the
clients have no problem in finding the OAB.

Just wondered if anyone has fought with this problem before.

Much obliged

s i m o n   w a l s h


1. Offline Address Book and Address Book Views problems

We implement Address Book views in our X55 environment.
When I generate the offline address book it completes without any failures.
When a client tries to download the address book the list is empty.

We have generated the Offline Address book on a server that doesn't have any
address book views and the client could succesfully download it.
This leads me to believe that running Address Book Views and trying to use
the Offline address book on the same server is a no go. I hope not.

Has anybody encountered this before?

Much obliged.

s i m o n   w a l s h

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