Re-directing Mailbox in Exchange 5.5

Re-directing Mailbox in Exchange 5.5

Post by Brett Campbel » Thu, 20 Aug 1998 04:00:00

We need to provide a re-direction service from a Web Page to allow users on
an Exchange Server to re-direct mail to an SMTP address.  Inbox Rules from a
Web Page

Can this be easily achieved in Exchange.

What other options are there.

I have not included any further info as I am not sure of what is achieveable
in Exchange.

Brett Campbell


1. Direct failed inbound mail to Admin mailbox under Exchange 2000

We just recently upgraded to Exchange 2000 from Exchange 5.5. Under Exchange
5.5, any missaddressed mail coming into the server was deposited in the
Administrator mailbox that was configured in the Internet mail connector.
Although this processed a lot of mail and was sometimes a pain, I had some
rules set up to delete mail that was addressed to former employees, etc. I
monitored this mailbox for mail that was missaddressed and many times would
forward mail to the obvious intended recipient.

I cannot find out how to accomplish this under Exchange 2000. I have gone to
the properties of the Default SMTP server in the Exchange system manager and
configured the messages tab. There is a field called "Send copy of
non-delivery report to:" in which I have put the address of the
administrator mailbox. This only populates the administrator mailbox with
the non delivery report that it sent to the sender. There is also a field
for a "Bad Mail Directory" which points to C:\Program
Files\Exchsrvr\Mailroot\vsi 1\BadMail . If I go to this directory, there is
where all of the failed messages reside. Each message seems to be composed
of three parts, a .BAD, .BDP and .DDR file. I can open up the .BAD file with
notepad and see the unformatted message.

Does anyone know of an easier way to read these failed messages, or how to
redirect them to the Administrator mailbox as before?


Rod Miller

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