Exhg Directory Service won't start

Exhg Directory Service won't start

Post by Jim » Tue, 10 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I had alsorts of fun and games a while back after corrupting some of the
exchange databases without any backups. Theres good information on MS
Knowledge base about repair programs - sorry I don't remember any

In general terms Exchange Server consists of a master database + change
data base(s).
When a backup is performed the change database are applied to the master
and a new change data base is opened.
When starting exchange opens the master database then applies the change
data bases.
If the repair options dont work you have to delete the change databases one
by one until you have a working system.

Does this help ?

Jim Cotis

> I am running exchange SP2.  I have been running it fine for some time.
> I deleted the Novell Netware Gateway and when I rebooted the server and
> the MS Exchange directory service will not run. it says:
> Could not start the MS exchange directory service on \\usscreen-nt1
> error 2140: An internal windows NT error occured.

> Any help appreciated!

> reply e-mail if possible.


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Any help gratefully received:

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Is it my imagination, or is Microsoft on-line support totally worthless,
these days?

Julian Edge
edgej (at) dionecorp.com

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