OWA can't work, and cause WWS couldn't restart.

OWA can't work, and cause WWS couldn't restart.

Post by Gina » Wed, 12 Nov 2003 21:42:38

Dear All,

We got the problem in OWA.

OS:Windows2000 Server+SP4 (Chinese)
Exchange: 5.5+SP4 (English)
MDAC:2.7SP1 (Chinese)

There are 2 OWA server for backup, but both of them have the same problem.
After the user fill the authentication information, like NT account and
and selet "ok", users couldn't logon their mailbox. And World Wide Web
becomes strange, even its status is "start" Then, if we tried to restart
this service,
but can't work. So, we got to reboot that server.

We already tried to reinstall OWA and even IIS, but still failed.
It was very suffered to us. Please help!!



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Proxy 2.0 box with NT option pack (IIS)
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OWA works internally using mail.company.com/exchange
OWA does not work externally using mail.company.com/exchange
mail.company.com has a valid DNS and is "pingable" to public proxy IP
Browser shows it trying to resolve but then it just dies out
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