Another SPAM question post

Another SPAM question post

Post by Eric Sabin » Tue, 28 Oct 2003 23:55:21

Currently using Elron Software's (now Zix corp) Message Inspector version
4.2.  Very buggy, but big patch is due out this week.  I wil give it a shot
but if it's no good, we'll finally dump it.  (one of my biggest compaints is
you can't do an online backup.  You have to stop all MI services to back it

Anyway, I see the general community seems to like GFI Mailessentials but I
did see a bounced email from another company's installation of MailSweeper
and liked the fact that the message was accompanied by a detailed text
analysis that showed swears and their counts for an "offensive" block and

Has anyone tried Mailsweeper or is GFI ME still the best route to go?

(we're on E2k with the SPAM filter in the DMZ on another server today, but
plan on E2k3 in the next 3-6 months)

Thanks, Eric


1. HOWTO: Reject spam before posting is complete

Is it possible to reject a message being posted before it is completed, i.e.
when a message is sent to my servers (running my own DNS for all internet
traffic) can I abort the posting during the process where the remote
mailserver posts his message to mt server?

It is of no use to set up a spam filter when the message is already
received, that doesn't matter to the sender who's message is sent to an
active recipient or server. But is the message is rejected during th
eposting, the sender will notify the server the message is sent to, does not
accept the posting from that server and therefor gets the error.

I've seen and tested several scripts using the VBScript from MSDN and
several other Exchange websites, but all scripts are activated when the
message is already on my server.

Can this be done??? If so, how to???

Thanks for your time,


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