auto reply

auto reply

Post by chimeri » Tue, 17 Jun 2003 22:49:02


Does anybody know how to create an auto reply mail, on a public folder.

I installed the auto reply, with the message that his has to be sent back to
the sender, but he does not send the mail.

The "anonymous" is also set as "contributer", and the email address is




1. autoreply message format ( auto-reply , auto reply)


E2Ksp3 on W2Ksp2.  Client = OL2002

User creates rule for auto-reply with the following criteria:

-Check messages when they arrive
-Have server reply using a specific message (the message is created in HTML
format, saved and closed)
-Except if from 'Me'

When this is tested, the "autoreply" is in plain text format even though it
was created as in HTML format.
Last week I tested it with the same results.  Today I tested it again and it
appears to work, but my colleague is testing it and the autoreply is
changing to plain text format.???

Thanx in Advance

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