How to change from 128 bit to 40 bit

How to change from 128 bit to 40 bit

Post by Dwayn » Thu, 04 Jul 2002 04:39:14

    I used Certificate Server to install a new certificate on our OWA
server.  It is an older machine and 128 bit is killing it.  Does anyone know
how to change it to have everyone use 40 bit?  I do not have the box checked
for require 128 bit encryption.  Any help will be appreciated.

Dwayne Fry


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I was working on an Exchange 5.5 problem with Microsoft Tech support and
they told me something interesting about Exchange and NT.

I was told by the Technician that I should only run Windows NT 40 Bit (I had
128 Bit installed) on a server that has Exchange because Exchange only comes
in a 40 Bit version. This will eliminate any discrepancies\problems between
Exchange and NT.

Anyone has any further information that could verify this or not?


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