Relay error #5.7.1

Relay error #5.7.1

Post by Andy S » Wed, 12 Nov 2003 01:56:20

I have a client that when they send me an email message they sometimes get the following NDR:

You do not have permission to send to this recipient.  For assistance, contact your system administrator.

75% of the time the emails go through.  I am setup as a contact in their global address book.  I have looked for restrictions and I do not see any.  They are using Outlook in Exchange server mode.


1. E-mail 550 relaying error

I have an exchange 5.5 server that is hosting at least 20 domains.  We have
added today another and tested their e-mail accounts which worked fine for
me.  (E-mail client Outlook Express 2000) I handed it over to our tech
support and the client was receiving this error:

550 relaying is prohibited

I know that this is a common error and that it usually means the client has
not checked the box stating my server requires authentication.  We have gone
over and over this again and I noticed that the client was dialing in.

I tried dialing in on my laptop and noticed I was receiving the same error
that the client was receiving. I have double and tripled check the set up
and still cannot figure out what my problem is.  Can someone please help?


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