Owner info and Security tab missing for customized contact items

Owner info and Security tab missing for customized contact items

Post by Mike Woolley (MS » Sun, 10 Aug 2003 05:10:00


Quote:>From: "Ronny Roe" <ronny deletethisspam (at) fidelioswe.se>
>Subject: Owner info and Security tab missing for customized contact items
>Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2003 13:14:25 +0200

>Server: Windows 2000 SP4
>Exchange: 2000 with SP3

>We have a customized form for contacts that we have been using since 1997.

The last year or so we have a really strange problem occurring from now and
Quote:>A person enters a new customer, using the customized form. It looks ok and

he saves it. Other can open it and so on. But then, one day, when a user
double click on that entry, Outlook says: "The custom form could not be
opened. Outlook will use an Outlook form instead.". When clicking "OK"
Outlook responds with "Can't open this item." and thats it.
Quote:>If I go to the M: drive and search for the entry I can see that this entry

no longer have any owner info at all, see this picture:
Quote:>In this case I can not open customer "Stallet" but I can open "HKC Hotel
>Even more strange, when I choose properties in the M: folder for a contact

item that can not be opened I am suddenly lacking the security tab, see

>The only thing I can do with this entry is actuall delete it, I can't help

the user even to extract the stored info about the customer, so you can
guess I am not particulary popular with those users.

>My questions:

>  1.. How can this happen at all? We have about 1000 customers with this

customized form and it has happened to some 50 contacts.
Quote:>  2.. When it has happened, how can I an any possible way get the security

setting tab back so I can at least view the data which was written on that
contact card? If I in the M: drive choose properties, the security tab,
give myself all possible rights and tick "Reset permissions on all child
objects and enable propagation of inheritable permissions", it will report
back "An error occured while applying security information to:
[searchpath]. The system cannot find the file specified."
Quote:>Any help or suggestion or hint would be most welcome.

>Ronny Roe
>IT Manager
>Micros Fidelio Sweden

>Sorry for posting in HTML, I did it to get the picture in the right

Hi Ronny,

A few points:
-Check that you are not scanning the M drive with a file-level antivirus
program. If you are, follow the recommendations in this link to add the
listed directories to the AV's exclusion list:

-Don't try modifying any permissions on the M drive, this can result in
total loss of access to your public folders. Only modify permissions to
public folders through the Exchange System Manager.

-On the affected user's workstations that get the error opening the custom
form, try the steps in the following article:

Hope this helps!



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