Error when starting Internet Mail Service - Event ID 4037

Error when starting Internet Mail Service - Event ID 4037

Post by Richard Culle » Sun, 09 Dec 2001 12:36:38


I hope someone can help me. This week we became infected
with a virus. I initially ran a file level anti-virus
(Norton) to clear the infection from the machines on our
network, including our Exchange Server running Exchange
5.5 SP4.

As other posts have mentioned, this didn't work fully
because the auto protect kept reporting virus detections
in the IMCDATA folder. Realising what was happening I
uninstalled the file level and installed and ran Norton
for Microsoft Exchange to clear the virus from Exchange

However in the mean time my Internet Mail Service has
caused an application error in Dr Watson. The error report
being Error 0xc0000005, error in MSEXCIMC.exe. In the
application event log I have an error with Event ID: 4037

Please can some one help me, and give me some explanation
to what has happened, and how to fix it. I am desperately
searching for an answer before the end of Saturday 8th.




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An exception has occurred which was handled internally by the Internet
Mail Service.  This may have resulted in a message not being delivered.
Code: 0xc0000005 Flags: 0x00000000 Address: 0x77f6ce0c
I get this message, or one just like it, when the service stops.I then
start the IMC service back up and all is well until the next event.  Any


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