Emails cannot be seen past certain date

Emails cannot be seen past certain date

Post by Chri » Wed, 26 Mar 2003 09:48:49

One of our users is using Outlook XP. We are running
Exchange server 2000 SP3. All emails are being recieved,
but cannot see any coming in after March 19th. They are
not bouncing back to users, and there are no event logs
being generated. Any ideas on how to fix this? It is only
affecting one user. I even attached the mailbox through a
different outlook and the same thing. Please help!

1. how to delete mail past a certain date


  I'm running exchange server 5.5 sp3 and would like to how to automatically
have the server
delete mail that has reached a certain age, such as say 4 months old, and
also can that be applied
to individual boxes?  (can't apply those naughty rules to myself)

Thanks in advance

George Allen
Network Analyst
Johns Hopkins University

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