Exchange 5.5 - Clients cannot edit data in Public Folders

Exchange 5.5 - Clients cannot edit data in Public Folders

Post by jM » Thu, 13 Nov 2003 02:05:56

Hello to All -

We have a very small network that crashed due to virus problems and is now
running again:
NT 4 - SP 6a, Exchange 5.5 - SP 4, 5 clients (Win XP Pro, Win 98se, Win ME)

Only one of the clients (XP Pro) can still edit the data in our Public
Folders, which contains Outlook Contacts. When I check the client settings,
those for the one that works seem to be the same as those for the four that
don't. We need to be able to enter, edit and delete the data in Public
Folders from each of the clients.

All help will be appreciated,


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Thanks in advance,

I have installed the 2003 Exchange trial and I have the
following situation. Things seemed to work well and we
began to use it. Now it seems we can only edit/make
changes to items we created in the Public Folders section.

I have set the three users to have full permissions for
this folder (xxxx Calendar) and it is a calendar that the
three of us need to change and alter regularly.

Any suggestions?


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