Moving from NT4 Exchange 5.5 box to new Win2k Exchange2k box

Moving from NT4 Exchange 5.5 box to new Win2k Exchange2k box

Post by Robbi » Fri, 08 Nov 2002 06:55:14

We have an NT4 SP6a (BDC) running Exchange 5.5 SP3.  We are replacing this
machine with a new Windows 2000 Server PDC (AD).  AD is in place and
stabilized, running in mixed mode (obviously).

While installing Exchange, do I set up a new forest? and then use the
Exchange Migration Wizard to move the mailboxes over (same domain)?  I'm
having some trouble finding documentation on this (what I think would be)
fairly simple scenario.

Also, what is the ADCs role in this scenario...if at all?  TIA.


1. Moving Exchange 5.5 to a new box with Win2K

Can anybody point me to information on moving Exchange 5.5 from a WinNT 4
box to a brand-new one with Win2K?  I've never moved Exchange between boxes
and this is even trickier with Win2K.  I'll probably upgrade to Exchange
2000 in February, but for now, I just have to get it off of its current box.

Many thanks,

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