Exchange Server No Longer Talks To UNIX Servers

Exchange Server No Longer Talks To UNIX Servers

Post by Rich Matheis » Wed, 04 Mar 1998 04:00:00

>We recently moved our DNS server and our Exchange server.  The IP addresses of
>both boxes changed as a result.  Now the Exchange server cannot send mail to
>internal UNIX servers.  After a day or two, the mail bounces back with either
>get "host unreachable" or "host unknown".

>It appears DNS is correctly configured on the Exchange server.  When we ping a
>UNIX server, it knows the correct IP address.  Any ideas what the problem
>could be?

Can you run the RESTEST tool (on the Exchange server CD in the
Support\Utils\i386 directory) from the Exchange server and does it
resolve the e-mail domain name and return the correct list of hosts?

Ping only establishes addressability (it uses only the "A" records),
not the resolution of MX records to addresses.

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