Post by Kevin Angl » Sun, 12 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Exchange 4.0 SP3 running on Alpha with NT 4.0 SP1.

I have two nearly identical systems in a site of the above
configuration. On one of the systems, I've recently noticed that
STORE.EXE is constantly consuming 80-90% of the CPU. This has been
observed over the course of about 10 days, but based on the total CPU
time since last reboot (11/10/96), it may have been happening since
then (when SP3 was installed). On the other system, STORE.EXE takes
about 20% of CPU.

Information Store on both systems are about the same (4 gig) and both
have about 400 users each.

There are two things that might be different: 1) On the server having
the problem, the IS is on a non-parity stripe set of two 4 gig drives;
on the other it is a single 4 gig drive. 2) After installing SP3 on
the problem server, and at the same time moving IS to the 8 gig stripe
set, the IS wouldn't start. MS PSS had me run EDBUTIL and ISINTEG.
That took about 8 hours, but found no significant problem. After that,
the IS started up fine and has been running ever since.



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