OWA language

OWA language

Post by Patrick Leun » Wed, 12 Nov 2003 11:35:17

Hi all

I have encountered some problem on reading traditional and simplified
chinese by using outlook web access, I can compose the email by using the
web browser but just can't read it, any idea?

I am using Windows XP and can read both traditional and simplified chinese
inside IE, our company is using Exchange 5.5 with SP4, any language pack
have to be installed for that to work?

Thankyou for any assistance,


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I have installed Exchange Server 5.5 SP3 and IIS 4 on a NT SP5 Server. The
OWA worked fine so far, no problems at all. Yesterday i downloaded the
language pack to change the language of OWA to german. After installing the
language pack as pictured in MSKB Article Q174820, after the login, there is
the following errormessage:
"Microsoft Exchange Server not ready or the HTTP Service has been disabled
by an administrator. Please try again".

Next, i removed (deinstalled) the german language pack and after that, the
login works. But there are rendering problems and the mails, calendar,
contacts can not be displayed.

I am very frustrated, because the OWA worked fine previously. Has anyone an
idea what i can do now to make OWA working again (no matter which
language...) ?

Thanks for any inputs

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