Upgrading RC1 to 5.5 RTM (older thread, couldn't find it)

Upgrading RC1 to 5.5 RTM (older thread, couldn't find it)

Post by Alan Racze » Tue, 17 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Mr. Matheisen and "Witheld"

Couldn't find my original thread, sorry.

Okay, I relent. How about if I build up an Exchange 5.0 server ( I have
the RTM software), moved the users to this server, back it up, then when
I build the new 5.5 RTM server configure it exactly and restore the

My concern is that, and correct me if I am wrong, the data structures
are different between 5.0 and 5.5? I have downloaded the Backup and
Restore white paper, but have not gotten into it yet.

So is this a better scenario, and would I go about it the same way?


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1. Upgrade from E2K3 RC1 to RTM trial ?


I'm currently running with Exchange Server 2003 RC1 on my testserver, this
version 6.5 (which I downloaded around 13 june) has build: 6940.4. and
should be Release Candidate 1.

Yesterday I downloaded the RTM trial which MS posted on their site 30 june.

Link: http://www.microsoft.com/exchange/evaluation/trial/2003.asp

I'm now trying to upgrade to from RC1 to RTM but somehow the Exchange
wizard doesn't allow me to upgrade.

Has anyone else been able to upgrade to RTM from RC1 ?

And if yes how ? And what's the build number for the RTM trial versin ?


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