Exchange Online Back

Exchange Online Back

Post by Adil Ibrahi » Sat, 08 Jun 2002 12:43:32

hi all,
can anyone help me how can i set up my exchange online
back and how to recover it in case of disaster




Exchange Online Back

Post by AI » Sat, 08 Jun 2002 14:56:23


Please refer to  XADM: Recommendations for Successful Disaster Recovery
(Q185078) at;en-us;Q185078
and other articles at
Alternatives are:
1) use exmerge to export what data to pst files.
2) try moving mailboxes to your new server of a different name as per:

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Quote:> hi all,
> can anyone help me how can i set up my exchange online
> back and how to recover it in case of disaster

> Regards

> Adil


1. Problem backing up Exchange 5.5 online with NTBackup

Hi All

Current setup:
IBM x200 (PIII 1.26GHz, 1GB RAM, 18GB SCSI HDD)
Windows NT Server v4 (SP6a)
Exchange Server 5.5 SP3

If I back up DS and IS using NTBackup interactively, I have no
problems. However, if I back up from command line or batch file using

"ntbackup backup ds \\myserver is \\myserver" (without quotes)

then when I start the NT backup program and look at the contents of
the tape, there is a red question mark over the icons for both DS and
IS. These question marks do not go away if I catalog the tape.

In the event log there are 4 entries for DS and same 4 repeated for

Type          Source       Event
====          ======       =====
Information   NTBackup     8000
Information   ESE97        102
Information   ESE97        104
Information   NTBackup     8001
<repeat these 4 entries>

This looks normal to me. These entries, and only these entries, appear
regardless of whether backup is performed interactively, from command
line, or batch file.

I suspected a permissions problem, so I tried using "Scheduled tasks"
to run batch file as an Administrator, and as Exchange service
account, with no success. I read that NTBackp doesn't like UNC paths,
so I tried

"ntbackup backup ds myserver is myserver" (without quotes)

but that didn't solve the problem either. I have spent hours searching
newsgroup, MSKB etc... and can find no mention of this problem, let
alone a solution. Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.


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