Foreign Directory Source List with connector to Lotus Domino R5

Foreign Directory Source List with connector to Lotus Domino R5

Post by Joha » Fri, 13 Apr 2001 17:48:20

Let me explain my situation:
I have an exchange 5.5 server.
On this server i have installed the Notes client 4.6.2.a and the Lotus
Connector comming from Service Pack 2.
I have one Lotus server 4.6.2 running, this is the server that makes the
connection with the exchange server.
This server replicates with a R5 lotus server.

Everything works fine, my exchange users can mail the Notes R5 users, and
the Notes R5 users can mail the exchange users, they both can see eatchother
in the Names and addressbook on exchange and Notes.

The only problem i have is, that when i try to migrate users from exchange
to Notes, in the Notes Administrator my
"Foreign Directory Source List" is empty.
I don't even get the "Choose profile dialog box" to select the administrator
mail profile.

On my administration workstation i'm logged on as the administrator with the
Service account admin role on the exchange server.

If anyone here has any idea to help me out, please let me know, bycause my
boss is starting to look like Godzilla!!!

Thanks 1000 times,
Johan B.


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