Exchange 5.5 on SBS 4.5. Port 25 problem

Exchange 5.5 on SBS 4.5. Port 25 problem

Post by Ivan » Sun, 18 Nov 2001 10:00:10

We have SBS 4.5 running Exchange 5.5 connected via ISDN modem.

Today we installed a new router. The access to the Internet is OK, however
we are not able to send and received emails with Exchange. The ISP is
telling me that our port 25 is not open. I believe that the problem is
coming from the Proxy Server (incorporated within SBS 4.5), however it could
be the router or something else.

Any ideas?

I have disabled the Dial-up features within IMS. Is this enough for the
server to retrieve the messages from our SMTP account?




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If anyone can help:

Im having some trouble configuring SBS 4.5 and Exchange 5.5 Server. These
two guys will be accessed through Outlook 2000 on the clients machines. My
questions are:

1) Is there a way to share the Contacts List, or to create a Public Contact

2) How do I transfer contacts that are personal to the public Contact List
(if its possible...)?

3) How to create another Public Folders, besides the Newsgroups, that is the
default Public Folder?


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