Exch2000 Public Folder Permissions

Exch2000 Public Folder Permissions

Post by Jack Dawso » Thu, 13 Dec 2001 01:55:44

After a hectic Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 server
upgrade, I am having some strange permission issues with
public folders. All of the upgraded public folder
permissions are acting correctly, but any new folder is
having problems. If I view the permissions of the new
public folder in Outlook, I show the Default permission
is "Publishing Editor" but my users cannot save or modify
anything (they can read). The only common denominator I
can find is that the new public folders have an additional
security button on the Permissions tab inside the System
Manager that refers to the Active Directory permissions. I
don't want to*up any existing permissions and I am
looking for someone who can tell me the correct way to fix
this problem.



1. Moving Public Folder Permissions from Exch5.5 to Exch2000

Hi there,

I need to transfer Public Folder permissions on a server with Exchange 5.5
(SP3) to a machine with Exchange 2000. I've restored my public folder tree
from the PST file and now I'd like to restore access permissions as well.
I've heard about tool called "PFADMIN.EXE". Is it possible to use
pfadmin.exe from E2K ResKit to export PF access permissions from the
Exchange 5.5 server and consequently import them to my newly installed
Exchange 2K server?

I appreciate any help



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