Exchange Server and IIS Installed on separate machines...

Exchange Server and IIS Installed on separate machines...

Post by Marji » Tue, 16 Jun 1998 04:00:00

In my current setup, IIS (4.0) and Exchange Server (5.5) are installed on
the same box.  Outlook Web Access is also set up and works just great.  My
ASP application which accesses an Exchange mail box works fine too.

My question is, if I install IIS and Exchange Server on separate machines
where should my ASP application reside?  Since ASP is a component of IIS, I
would assume that my app should get installed on this server.  Would I need
to install CDO on the IIS machine then or is it already installed with IIS??

-- Marji --


1. OWA install on separate IIS server in DMZ

We are trying to implement OWA on an IIS box that lies in
the DMZ of our firewall. The goal is to have this box
server OWA and not put a full install of Exchange on it.

Using a custom install of Exchange (5.5), I installed just
the OWA component. The install fails with: "Unknown
Facility. Error ID 076a-c00f3568" and bombs. I can create
the Exchange virtual directory and get it configured and
working, however I can't seem to find a way to install the
SP4 version of OWA. (MS's KB makes reference to a conflict
with BackupExec causing this error, but BackupExec isn't
installed on this machine - just IIS 4 and OWA).

Two questions - does anyone know how to get the install
run to completeion and does anyone know a manual method to
apply the SP4 OWA?

Thanks all!

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