GAL out of sync *please help*

GAL out of sync *please help*

Post by mark oatle » Thu, 06 Dec 2001 19:47:59

Hello All,

 This is for Exchange 5.5

 Is it possiable to rebuild the global address list from
scratch, and if so how?, I have 3 sites and due to a
server crash / rebuild I have some invalid entries in the

 Many thanks,



1. BIG PROBLEMS Please Help Please Help Please Help Please Help

2 days ago I had a Hard Drive crash on my exchange server <<<< no big deal
it was Raid 5
but after some inspection I found that the RAID backplane was screwed so a
discussion was made to create a new server and put Exchange on it.
No big Deal, configured the server renamed the old on server which was SPOCK
to SPOCK1 named the new server SPOCK now SPOCK1 is/was a BDC the new Spock
is not E-mail is up and running fine but I have noticed some residual
problems. Anywhere I had given a local group access to a mailbox they can no
longer see it. It tells them that no do not have permission to view the
mailbox. Any Ideas? please this has me stumped
If I need to make this a BDC is there any way to make a normal server a BDC
with having to completely reinstall?

Please help

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