Inbox missing!

Inbox missing!

Post by Colin Jansse » Fri, 22 Jan 1999 04:00:00

A lovely feature of Windows98! Micro$ want us to use Outlook Express
which is why it isn't installed with Win98!
They were kind enough to leave a copy of it on the Win98 CD. If you had
Exchange/Windows Messagin installed on Win95 and then upgraded to Win98
then you should be OK! If it wasn't or you installed 98 from scratch
then you would need to install the component.
Grab you 98 CD
I can't remember the exact location but it's something like
If that's not it do a search on wms.exe


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Hi all,

We use Outlook 98 as a client with Exchange Server 5.5, making use of
the .ost files. I deleted a users Exchange setup (the profile as well)
in Outlook 98 & re-instated it again. All the files are back (Notes,
Send items, tasks etc.) except for the mail he had in his Inbox.

Can anyone help me or perhaps explain what went wrong.


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