Exchange 5.5 Read\Unread messages state

Exchange 5.5 Read\Unread messages state

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Hi All,

I am facing a problem with exchange 5.5 SP3 with Mcafee Groupshield for Exchange running on it.
all the things were fine till suddenly one users mailbox in OWA and Outlook showing all the messages are read where as user has'nt read those mails. Can anybody help me in this



1. Exchange Server 5.5 sp2 and Disabling Read/Unread Message Tracking in Public Folders


The Following is the only documentation in regards to disabling this
property in public folders with thousands of  "messages".

I have developed several custom applications in Outlook using VBScript code.
Am I supposed to use the code referenced below in the form level, or am I
supposed to use a server-side Scripting agent for this?  This is very
important to find out soon.
 Disabling Read/Unread Message Tracking in Public Folders
 In SP2, you can use a new MAPI folder property to disable the read/unread
tracking capabilities of Microsoft Exchange Server when a public folder is
created. You may want to use this property if system response time is slow
when you are working with public folders containing thousands of messages.
Slow response time can occur because the information store maintains data
for every client regarding the read or unread status of each message.
 To add the property definition in your source code, type the following:


 Set this property to a non-zero value (TRUE) on the public folder where you
want to modify per-user read/unread tracking.

 Disabling per-user read/unread processing for a public folder causes the
state of read/unread properties to become inconsistent for objects in the
folder. This inconsistency can confuse users who think they can change the
read/unread state of a message.


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