OutlookXP search at Directory Service-(Ldap)

OutlookXP search at Directory Service-(Ldap)

Post by fejoca » Wed, 25 Sep 2002 23:01:50

I have an Exchange2000 w/OutlookXP+SP1 as clients.

My clients can read an external Directory Services (Ldap) based on UNIX.

I use de search mask: o=organization, c=com.

-W/a searching as "last name" its works fine, 2 to4 sec to return w/data,

  but if they search "automatic" or by "check names" the search time can be
around 30 to 50sec.

Please how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance



1. LDAP for Directory Search?

We are looking for an alternative to our current directory for e-mail
addresses. It needs to be one that is accessible to people outside of our
organization. Since we are likely going to convert the whole enterprise to
Exchange 5.5 Enterprise, LDAP seems like a good solution. Has anyone done
much with this to make it available from outside their organization?

From the looks of it, I thought it would be simple. I tried configuring a
new directory service account. I entered in the server's FQDN, and my
username and password. Then I tried Start|Find|People, and selected my new
directory service. That service returned the response "The specified
directory service has denied access..." I proceeded to try logging in as
domain/username. Again I received the same response. I had left the default
value for the port number in the exchange server as well as my directory
service properties. The protocol is enabled, and everything else regarding
it is configured as default. Does anything else need to be configured to
enable LDAP to work this way? Should I be able to use (telnet [servers IP
address] 389) and get a response the same way that the port for SMTP
responds? When I try, the telnet session times out. Any suggestions would be


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