Organisation Name / Consistency Checker ?

Organisation Name / Consistency Checker ?

Post by William Kin » Thu, 10 Apr 2003 00:47:51

This is a tricky problem, we started out with an Exchange 5.5 server with
the organisation name of "MyCompany Ltd." (note the period "."). We upgraded
to Exchange 2000 but in order to do so, had to change the display name (in
Exchange 2k, a period "." is an invalid character). After the upgrade, there
were two versions of the Organisation, the first being the display name of
"MyCompany Ltd" and the second being the directory name of "MyCompany Ltd.".
As you can see, although the new display name doesn't include the period,
the directory name has not changed.

The implications of this were that when the server needed to be reloaded,
the database would not mount. Errors in the event log seemed to suggest the
reason for this was that my Organisation Names didn't match up. I found the
reason for this was that my backed up information store contained the
directory name "MyCompany Ltd.". This now made it impossible for me to mount
the database unless I started from scratch, building an Exchange 5.5
organisation (with the ".") then changing the display name and upgrading.

So much for having to do that every time the server needed to be restored so
what I did was Exmerge all the mailboxes to PST then removed Exchange 2k
from Active Directory. I performed a clean Exchange 2000 installation so the
directory name and display name could match then imported the PSTs into
mailboxes but there are still some odd problems with the old "MyCompany
Ltd." directory name cropping up.

I remember a tool in Exchange 5.5 for checking the database consistency but
are there any such tools for Exchange 2000?

William King


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