Suspicious Internet Email and Store.exe CPU 100% Usage

Suspicious Internet Email and Store.exe CPU 100% Usage

Post by Eric » Thu, 13 Nov 2003 00:49:41

Hi everyone,

My Exchange server is having issue with Store.exe 100% CPU Usage since

I noticed that there is a suspicious (from <Unknown>) internet mail is
sitting in the inbound message waiting delivery queue and never goes away.
I tried to delete it, but it did not go.  I tried to check its Details but
got the message "the message was deleted or delivered. Press Refresh

Could anyone know how to delete this email.

Thanks in advance



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I have recently installed SP3 for Exchange 2000 server and
windows 2000  (on the same box).

since installing the SP's every now and then the CPU usage
for STORE.EXE shoots up to 90-100% and makes the server
hang.  This might be happening when a certain user tries
to use his outlook on his desktop.. But before installing
the service packs everything was ok - can anyone help or
does anyone no how to remove the exchange service pack 3


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