HELP: wrong address auto-reply creates infinite loop

HELP: wrong address auto-reply creates infinite loop

Post by Hans Johnson » Thu, 25 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Here's the scenario:

say a user leaves town and sets his account to auto-forward to his

So all incoming mail gets forwarded to the wrong address and then
bounces back - the server then generates a non-delivery report which
gets forwarded to the wrong address and this creates an infinite
So is there a way to set a limit on the number of messages received
from a sender or a way to limit the number of messages from a
particular address or some other work-around.

if anyone has any ideas could you please email me at:

thanks very much for your help I hope I can return the favor someday ;)



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Is there any way around the problem of two auto responders bouncing messages
back and forth indefinitely?  We are running Exchange 5.5 sp3.  I have an
auto response that sends out to anyone, every time they send something to a
particular mailbox on our system.  If they send 10 items, 10 auto responses
will go out.  Is there a setting that would allow Exchange to recogize this
looping situation and prevent if from further burdening the system?  I'd
rather not discontinue the use of auto replies at the server level but I'm
open to hearing the possibilities.

Thank you very much for your time!


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