Getting into users account without password

Getting into users account without password

Post by Bob » Sat, 11 Aug 2001 10:38:45

I create a group called Exchange Adminz and assign it
rights as Service Account Admin (same as the service
account). I toss the admins that need access to admin
Exchange (including popping open mailboxes)into that

the Global Service account logon on your local PC.

From there one can create additional mail profiles for
outlook and set outlook to prompt you for a profile when
it opens.  I don't let managers have rights to view the
mailboxes at will.  Most of our mailbox viewings are for
troubleshooting.  All requests to review mail for
discliplinary purposes go through my Director, my ED, my
VP and CTO/COO and must be approved by the user's (and
manager's) Director or VP.  It might be a good idea to
document some policy on this.

MELIA product for reporting, CAMEO for reporting and real-

have been noted in some Microsoft Tech-ed awards (I don't
work for GFI, Microdata, or Microsoft).

Another thing I would do is create a Ctrl-Alt-Del message
that users have to read before logging on.  Write me and I
can send you the text of my message.  This covers your
*just incase LawSuit Larry or Leagalease Linda decide
to slap you with suit because they had an expectation of
privacy.  They will lose in most cases, but not until they
have rendered a few $20,000 of your company's cash and
hundreds of hours of staff time useless.  Well, useless to
the makes a nice downpayment on a Navigator
for an attorney that just won the case.  The other 5-6
seats are for his/her ego. MY BEST CLIENTs are an ATTORNEY
and his 7 person firm.  They are GREAT!...but I give him a
hard time..I dropped out of pre-law to pursue Computer
Science).  I am not an attorney and this is not legal
advice.  Consult your management and/or corporate counsel
before doing anything that resembles this.

Call me if you have questions...e-mail me for my phone #.



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