NNTP newsfeeds from USENET

NNTP newsfeeds from USENET

Post by Scott Vradenburg » Wed, 10 Apr 2002 15:12:07

Hey folks. I went through the routines to setup different
types of newsfeeds. I've had them setup, created a list of
newsgroups in the virtual server. I've tried being a peer,
master and slave. Bottom line is I get the list but I
don't get the feed to pull down to my server.

I have Exchange 2000 w/sp2 installed. I have a small
business account with SBC which includes newsfeeds. I'm
connecting to 2 different news feeds through a single
account name with my outlook express on the same machine
so I know the newsfeed is there. What else do I need to do
to get the feeds to proliferate onto my servers?


1. Exchange NNTP - USENET Site Name


I've setup a couple of newsfeeds in Exchange 5.0, however, the newsfeed
seutp wizard doesn't let me set the Usenet Site Name. Instead, it gives
a sitename based on Site and Organisation DSN.

This is still the case, even if I completely deinstall then reinstall
exchange on this server.

Does anyone know how I can change the Usenet site name?

Daymon Nin
Online Business Management

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