HELP! Exchange messing up html formatting

HELP! Exchange messing up html formatting

Post by Don Ru » Mon, 11 Sep 2000 12:05:05

I'm trying to help a client that has Outlook 98 with Corporate Workgroup(CW)
installation, shooting mail to Exchange for a newsletter.  The html (one
linked image) she's trying to use keeps getting ripped out, and I'm trying
to find a workaround. She sends the letter to an account called 'mailer',
and Exchange sends the outgoing mail with the html stripped. Does anyone
know any workarounds or places where I can look to find a solution? The
image is not optional, she insists it be delivered with the newsletter.



1. message formats - Linux, Macintosh - Mess - PLEASE HELP!

I have an exchange server that is internal only. The front end server is a
Linux Exim server. We have multiple macintosh system's all poping off the
linux server + we have two e-mail domains on both servers...Problem is this:

I have had to setup three message format policy's on exchange one for each
domain and one for email going out through "default" internet users. This is
due to having some windows users using exchange and some pop'ing off the
exim server. Calendar's get fubared when sending from a windows exchange
user to a windows exim user, so i had to setup the policy to say use
exchange rish text format for both domains.

Problem is now that when an exchange user trys to send word, excel (pretty
much any) file to a macintosh user within one of our two domains exchange
formats it using exchange rich text (as i had to specify to get calendar
invitations to show up correctly for windows/exchange and windows/exim
users) and the macintosh people then get the e-mail with a winmail.dat file
instead of the intended documents.

If the macintosh systems are on the same e-mail domain but don't use the
exchange serve and exchange has to have these message formats setup like
this so the windows users can view calendar invitations correctly between
the two servers how can i get the attachments to come through correctly on
the macs?

I know if they were using exchange or were on a different e-mail domain that
would solve the problem, but due to political issues here that's just not an

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