Sending Internet mail with internet mail user ID not exchange ID through Outlook 2000 - A solution

Sending Internet mail with internet mail user ID not exchange ID through Outlook 2000 - A solution

Post by Colin Brow » Wed, 25 Apr 2001 19:57:19

A Solution to this

1. On exchange Administrator, add a custom recipient to the global address
book, set permissions to include 'send' as and add users as required.
2. On outlook add internet mail using Tools, Services, Add, Internet email,
Set up mail server info and user / password info for Internet mail account.
Log off OL2K, Logo on and click NEW message, Click VIEW, FROM and the 'from'
box will appear. click the 'from' button in message and select name from
list (right click to add to user address book - see note1 below)
Send message and it will be sent using your full settings as defined in

Note1. To hide the address from the view of other users use Exchange
Administrator and under Global Address book, double click Address, select
Advanced tab and select 'Hide From Address Book'

I don't take credit for this, that belongs at
It will say that it's been checked on Exch 5.5 and OL98, now Exch5.5 and


Colin Brown.

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1. Exchange and Internet Mail (Outlook isn't sending internet mail)

Okay here is what happening .

My Clients, no matter which one  ( eudora/outlook express/outlook 97
/outlook98 ) are able to send AND receive internet messages using exchange
server with internet mail connector installed. Now my Outlook 97/98 users
wants to use public folders, well we add exchange server module without
problem and remove internet mail from clients (this is correct ???), now we
are able to receive internet mail but when we reply message we get
"Undeliverable  -  The recipient name is not recognized".

What exaclty we did wrong ?

Thanks in Advance


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