All the contact items are missing in Public Folders

All the contact items are missing in Public Folders

Post by Ivan S. Georgie » Sun, 20 Apr 2003 06:18:00

I did today two restores on my Exchange 2000 test server: one from a month
ago, one from two months ago. Both were 100% successful, mounted OK,
reconnected the mailbox BUT all the contacts in Public Folders are missing.
I am able to see there messages, posts, tasks but no contacts. I am able to
see the contacts in my production Exchange Public Folders. What's going on?
Is there something I am missing ?



1. copying contact items from mailboxes and public folders to another public folder

I'm trying to come up with a way to create a public folder that contains
contacts which are harvested from certain user's contacts folders and some
public folders on a nightly basis. I am only looking for contacts which have
a specific value in the 'Categories' field.         From research I've been
doing today, it seems like I need to use CDO to log into each mailbox and
then cycle through their contacts to find the ones that fit the category
criteria, then copy them to the public folder, then copy the contacts from
each public folder. Should I run this in a vbs file? Can someone give me a
nudge on the basic coding outline to do this?

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